My name is  Ebba Andersson and I am an elite cross-country skier.  I was born in Delsbo and raised in Sollefteå where my family moved when I was three years old. Sollefteå is a small town in central Norrland, I enjoyed my childhood there immensely and I still enjoy my time in Sollefteå even though i chose to move to Östersund a couple of years ago. I was simply interested in a change in my life and further my  development as a skier and consider Östersund my home, similar to how Sollefteå always has that place in my heart.

Why it was cross-country skiing for me was primarily the competitive spirit that the competitions gave me. It is still what fuels me to continue to improve and why I spend so much time and energy to become the best.  Over the years I have also discovered the complexity of this sport, cross-country skiing is a sport that requires endurance, strength, technique, tactics and speed, which contributes to the fact that there are always new challenges around the corner.  Today I would say that my primary motivation is the will and curiosity to see how fast I can ultimately be on the ski trail. 

So far in my career I have had the opportunity to experience a few World Championhips and two Olympic games. During those championships I have won two individual World Championship gold medals and in addition to that another 6 World Championship medals. From my two Olympics, I have earned relay medals but no individual Olympic medals yet. It is a dream and at the same time a goal that I still have, which gives me further motivation to continue working towards reaching my goals and dreams!

Hope you want to join the journey in one way or another// Ebba